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Lenox Divided Dish

Just in time for the Holidays!
Beautiful Lenox Divided Dish


Bonanza Booth

If you would like to see my offerings on Bonanza here is a link to my store. I post everything that goes on Ebay there and if it doesn’t sell on Ebay it stays there until it sells or until I purge it. 🙂
Deboriah’s Cozy Corner


Mundane Tasks

We all have the everyday mundane tasks to do. From cleaning house to going to work and making money to put food on the table. One of mine is selling things on the internet  to help make money for the extra things we need like house repairs and medications. Of course that list could go on and on! lol
I am so blessed to have the option of selling all types of items that I have including antiques, collectibles, jewelry, toys, art and jewelry that I create and more. My group on Facebook called “Deboriah’s Emporium” is one place that I a large portion of what I have for sell. If you would like to join I would love to see you there.
I am going to post a few of my listings here although not all of them because you can always go look at my other items in my store when you go to the listing.  Christmas is coming up very quickly and you may find something that would make a good gift. I will be adding things so please keep checking back.
Now back to the tasks at hand! I have a lot of work to do with the Holidays ahead, from creating fun art to listing things online and getting ready for sales I will be attending. I will post those here as well in case you just happen to be in the area.
Thank you for visiting my Blog and have a blessed day!

Helping the Homeless

Charity starts at home and we need more people to reach out to the homeless and less fortunate. With so many cities making it illegal to reach out one way we can make a difference is to work with those that have set up organizations to help. I know this one personally and I volunteer there. These people have a heart for God and compassion for the people that have needs that nobody else can  help them with.
They help people recover their lost identification documents, they feed people, they  help them get much needed supplies like clothing, shampoo, toothpaste and more. They also help people get medical care, shelter, and transportation. That is just the tip of the iceberg and they need support!
I for one will give support to this wonderful Ministry. With all the disasters that are making people homeless all over the USA today this is a Ministry that is truly needed. I can’t help but think that I could be in this position someday and I would want someone to care enough to help me. I have been homeless and it is no fun. Thank you for your kind donations. God bless you!


Granted I like to talk. Yes I am very talkative for sure. Of course my husband says I talk too much, but I do take a breath on occasion. I try to pause when I am conversing, after I finish making my point, and give the other person a chance to say something. It is called a conversation for a reason. Now if I am preaching or lecturing, you probably won’t get a word in edgewise, but in a conversation, pauses are proper etiquette.
“Yes I have a reason for all this. lol”
There is a time when one should listen. If you do all the talking and never listen how are you supposed to grow? Hypothetically if I were to meet Jesus and we started talking to one another, just how in the world would I learn anything from Him if I didn’t pause to listen to what He had to tell me?
I do believe in listening as well as talking. When we listen to what other people have to say we are showing them that we value them as a human being. If while they are talking I am looking around and obviously not listening to them, I am showing them that I really could care less about them.
We can never really get to know somebody unless we listen to what they have to say. By talking we reveal ourselves to others. Yes people are not always interested in the same things, which makes to hard to listen or talk to others at times. But we should at least make a concerted effort to validate others by listening to their story and maybe politely bowing out when the opportunity arises.
It is frustrating to no end when someone completely monopolizes a conversation and won’t let you say anything, when you would like to make a point about something they have been talking about. I find it hard to talk to people that do that but I know some of them and talk to them anyway.  🙂 I still love them though.
I do think that conversation should be taught when we are young. People should teach their children to allow others to interject something while they are talking to one another. The definition of conversation is: the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words. Key word; exchange! lol
In case your wondering this morning I had an experience with this subject. Thank you for tolerating my little rant. 

People are not the enemy

I am not one to talk politics a lot but here is how I feel led to approach this subject. Let us pray that the people that are spewing hate on both sides will actually find Jesus for real! So many say they are saved but are still walking in darkness. When and if they do find the Lord and the light is shining in their hearts they will see their sinful deeds and repent of their wicked ways. That is the only real answer! Jesus said that once we know the truth it will set us free. People are in bondage and they do not even realize it. They have strong holds that need to be broken. Spiritual warfare is needed in a mighty way here.
Ephesians 6:12 New King James Version (NKJV)
12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
People are not our enemy. The spirits behind their actions are.
Food for thought: Deboriah Greeson

Do you have cracks?

When you have a relationship with God He is in everything you do. I understand why Jesus taught in parables a lot. He was no stranger to hard work and understood how things work in nature. You can find parables in every aspect of working in the yard especially when it comes to weeds. They are truly insidious just like evil. They find little cracks that you would not think of to grow in. It has me thinking about the cracks in my own life that might have weeds growing in them. Sometimes when you pull them out the root stays and up comes the weed again. I see them in my own life. Do you see them in yours? I think we all have weeds that need to be pulled out by the roots. Lord please plow up my fallow ground and yank out the roots of evil that I may not even see. Let my life glorify You in every aspect and live through me. Nothing that I do should ever be done without You! Help me to walk with you daily as I go about doing whatever I have to do.
Food for thought, Deboriah
This is a post I made on Facebook recently. I am going to start making them here and sharing them to Facebook. I have several that I will post here to catch up and then there will be more to come as God gives them to me. God bless you and thank you for visiting my blog. 

Hello World!

Just stopping in to say hi!  Life has been busy and I am just getting started working on my business again. I will start posting here again soon.

Blackberry Pie and Grandma’s Secret Weapon

In Louisiana, one of the most requested desserts in our family is blackberry pie. My grandmother has made her blackberry sweet dough pie since before I can remember. Many people have tried to learn…

Source: Blackberry Pie and Grandma’s Secret Weapon

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