Rehashing site!

Yep I am doing it now. I am going through everything on my site and rehashing it. Some stuff will have to go that I really would like to keep such as my “Word of Grace” index page I think? I might figure out another way to put it on the site but it is still on my original site that I built at Geocities so if you want to look at it there then I am still going to include that link so you can see my original site.
I can not update that site in anyway anymore because when Geocities was taken over by yahoo they deleted all old accounts. My web site got spared for some strange reason. Who knows they may someday remember and go ahead and wipe it out. But most of the pages are still there and in tact. Some links to other sites are no good anymore but the ones within geocities are still working. Wow!
I am really trying hard to make my site something that people will want to visit for various reasons. Time is a problem as I stay pretty busy with other things I have to do a lot. But now I am working on some genealogy stuff to put on my site which may draw some of my family here. I hope so! It would be nice to have more contact with family. I miss having one!
Anyway…I hope you enjoy the changes so remember if you come to the site and don’t like what you see…just wait and come back again later. You might find something you will enjoy eventually. Input is encouraged! I could use some help in any manner. Family pictures and source materials for the genealogy database. I will consider almost anything so just let me know what you have in mind. Also send your web page links so I can post them! Thanks so much for visiting.
Please sign my guest book and leave an email address so I can contact you especially if you are interested in printable versions of my pictures or source materials. I will do my best to get those up so you can print them and will leave them up for about 2 weeks to give you time.
If you would like updates on changes made to the site I am about to put up a box on the first page where you can subscribe to a newsletter with updates in it. It won’t be much or often that you get an email from me. I don’t do that much….but I will send you something letting you know it is time to check every so often so you will know when to look again.
Have a wonderful day!


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