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I have taken the liberty to create a blog for the church. Here we can share all types of info with each other including pictures, special events, Bible studies and even prayer requests. If you have pictures (or anything else) that you would like to share and you don’t know how to upload them, then please let me know and I will be glad to do it for you.
This is something I enjoy doing and I think that it will be an asset to the Church. I could also create a web site for the church as well and may eventually do that if it is alright with the Pastor and everyone concerned. I found out that the Assemblies of God main web site offers free space for the church. So getting it up and running will only require the registration of a domain name and doing the work!
This blog is for the church so I set the name to be blogmaster so as to be generic. I will sign any post that I make so that it will be known who made the post. Pastor Mangum is set as the owner of this blog so it can all be transferred to him, including the email address, when and if he wants it to be. But until then I will be doing most of the posting and will sign the post so people will know who made it. I can also post for anyone that might like to add something and doesn’t know how, and or have the time to do so. I will sign such posts with the name of the person that submitted the post to be made.
Comments can be added by anyone, and an email will be sent to:, when any post is made. This is for moderation purposes in the event of spam or unwanted content being added.
Keep watching for more!
May God’s Love and Peace abide in your life today and always,


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