Web site additions etc…

I have placed new items on our web site at http://mankinag.deboriah.com/. I am putting the links within this message in the names of the pages. Just click on anything that is underlined to see if it is a link.
When you go there you will find a Christian News page. It will be updated and fresh daily!
There is also a daily devotional page …updated daily just like the news.
If you are interested in where I got these things you might click here. It is Worthy Ministries.com and they have a lot of things there to look at. I have enjoyed it a lot.
I have also created a group ….we already have a forum and that may be enough but the group will allow the sharing of all kinds of files as well including photos so it may be a great option. We could still keep the forum for prayer requests and such. The Mankinag group would work for all of that though. Keeping both for now….until we see what gets used the most. We are in the beginning stages of this thing and therefore we will be experimenting to see what works best.
All of these links are on the homepage of the website.


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