Spring and yard sales!

I just can’t pass up a yard sale or so it seems. I got some really nice clothing at a yard sale this weekend and many of those are going to be listed on Ebay this week. Spring cleaning time!
I also got some findings and beads to add to my Etsy store so keep watching for new items daily. Many of my paper items are already starting to get listed. I am truly amazed sometimes at how time consuming this can be.
In the meantime there are signs of spring everywhere! Trees budding out with beautiful leaves and flowers everywhere! And my two pairs of my cockateils are setting on some eggs. One has two eggs and the other has 3 eggs. Oh I hope they all hatch and grow up big and strong. It is exciting to watch them grow and to feed them by hand. I will be putting up some pictures of some of my teils later this week when I have time.
We also have a cow that is expecting but it will be Fall before she calves. And our Chihuahua is also expecting a baby or two. So our little family is growing but all of them are not staying. I would say 6 dogs, 2 cats, 9 cockateils, 2 cows, and 22 chickens is pretty much close to enough! Ok maybe not enough but close! haha

Here are some of the eggs our chickens lay. Guess what kind of chickens we have. šŸ™‚
Looks like no one is going to guess. So here is a picture of them. The ones that lay the dark eggs are the black and white ones like the rooster. They are called Cuckoo Marans.
The hen here on the left is different from the others but she is also a Maran. I named her Lacy because she stands out from the rest and i think she is so pretty. She has feathers on her feet too. These birds come from France originally and we think she may be a throwback to how they looked before they tampered with them here. I haven’t really researched that though. Do you know?


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