I love Spring time with flowers blooming, trees budding, and the sound of a gentle rain tap pity tapping on the window pane. But the winds, oh my the winds in March are another thing. I have trouble with a windy day with gusts so strong I’m almost blown away!
I love Spring time indeed I do. The birds are singing so sweetly and everything is coming to life. Sunshine and rain working in unison to cox the sleepy little seeds into pushing up out of the soil to greet the day. Life springing forth where once there was nothing but death or so it seemed.
Yes Spring is in the Air and I know the wind must be good for something so I will be thankful for even that. Spring brings storms that can cause great harm as well. I love to sit and watch the lightening from a thunder storm and listen to the sounds but I know they are very dangerous. All I can do is pray that no harm comes to those in the path of these storms I hear about.
Spring is a very beautiful and terrible time of year. It seems strange that something so beautiful can be so terrifying at the same time. I guess that is the way it should be as God reveals a little of Himself in the seasons that come and go. I never thought of it that way. Some may disagree with that but it is the way I see it and I have a right to my way of seeing things just as you do yours. This is an awesome world we live in, created by an even more awesome God, and I choose to show reverence where it is due.
That is my rambling for the day. This is one of those days where I just feel impelled to write a little bit about what is going on in my heart. Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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