Times are changing

Life goes to fast for me sometimes. So many changes taking place like for instance the gas prices soaring and groceries going through the roof. I am not sure what will happen but it doesn’t look good. Is it greed that is causing all this pain? Really does any company need to make that much profit? Seems like we are being taken advantage of to me and it is hurting everyone not just a few, although I think it hurts the poor working people the most. Those that are on a fixed income and or those that are working for minimum wage. Where are they supposed to get the extra money to fuel their vehicle so that they can go to work and pay their bills? And now the state of Texas is trying to pass a law that we can only have 2 yard sales a year. Well this is no way to keep people from becoming homeless!

It would be nice if people would work together more and help each other. Recently I was trying to help a couple that was having problems paying a bill. I took up donations, most people can give a dollar or so and I thought that maybe some people would care enough to give. I was right of course and the bill got paid and I hope those people that helped will be blessed. But some people are just mean when it comes to helping. I wonder sometimes why people are like that? My thought pattern is “There but for the grace of God go I.”, and I have been there before myself. I have received help and sometimes I didn’t but that doesn’t change my mind when it comes to helping others. If I can help by donating a dollar or two now and then that is great. And hopefully if I ever need help someone will be there for me as well. This world would be a much better place if people would pull together and stop living like they are an island unto themselves.

Any ideas as to how to make it through these hard times? My husband has planted a garden and we are already reaping the benefits of it. We have snow peas to harvest off of the front yard fence almost daily. Our peach trees have a whole lot of little peaches on them and we also have pear trees. That pressure cooker and dehydrator are going to get a work out. A couple of days ago I dehydrated some onions out of the garden and made the mistake of tasting them after they were dry. Well they are delicious! That is why it was a mistake…now I will want to eat them like chips or something. They are sweet and just a little hot all at the same time, yum good.

Another way for me to save money so I can afford gas is to go to yard sales, auctions, and flea markets to buy a lot of the things I need there instead of new. I have found some really great deals too. My dehydrator, which I found out costs over 100 dollars new, was only 35.00 and it works great. We also a double sink that is marble with the high dollar faucets in excellent condition still attached for 60.00 at the flea market. A wood burning stove which we will be using by this next winter only cost us 50.00 at the flea market. These are just examples of things we found at bargain prices and some of them are money savers themselves. There is no telling how much that burning wood will save us on our electric bill this winter!

Yes times are changing and we have to be creative and innovative in our search for ways to stay on our feet. But I am certain that we will make it just fine. If you have any ideas to add to this please comment or send me an email and I will add them. Have a wonderful day!


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