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If you would like to see my offerings on Bonanza here is a link to my store. I post everything that goes on Ebay there and if it doesn’t sell on Ebay it stays there until it sells or until I purge it. 🙂
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Mundane Tasks

We all have the everyday mundane tasks to do. From cleaning house to going to work and making money to put food on the table. One of mine is selling things on the internet  to help make money for the extra things we need like house repairs and medications. Of course that list could go on and on! lol
I am so blessed to have the option of selling all types of items that I have including antiques, collectibles, jewelry, toys, art and jewelry that I create and more. My group on Facebook called “Deboriah’s Emporium” is one place that I a large portion of what I have for sell. If you would like to join I would love to see you there.
I am going to post a few of my listings here although not all of them because you can always go look at my other items in my store when you go to the listing.  Christmas is coming up very quickly and you may find something that would make a good gift. I will be adding things so please keep checking back.
Now back to the tasks at hand! I have a lot of work to do with the Holidays ahead, from creating fun art to listing things online and getting ready for sales I will be attending. I will post those here as well in case you just happen to be in the area.
Thank you for visiting my Blog and have a blessed day!

Spreesy – Partners Program Coming Soon

Source: Spreesy – Partners Program Coming Soon

Deboriah’s – Trinidad, TX | Square Market

via Deboriah’s – Trinidad, TX | Square Market.

Deboriah’s offers an eclectic selection of merchandise old, new, handcrafted and collectible.
For more listings and information please visit my web site at:
I am in the process building up my inventory so please come back often!
Facebook pages:
Facebook Business page:
Facebook Group page:
I am incorporating all my listings as well as other things into my group page. Loving this as a way
to stay connected with my customers and promoting good communication. Come join the group!
Most of my listings will be tweeted. Follow me :

Deboriah’s Emporium

I just started a group for my sales on Facebook.  Having so much fun getting it set up.  I think it will be a great way to communicate with my customers and have fun while doing my job.  I sell all types of merchandise including items that I make myself.  I make jewelry, altered bottles, decoupaged and collaged items, and am dabbling in mixed media art.  So much fun but not enough time in the day for it all!
I tend to collect a lot of jewelry so that is one of the items I sell most.  You will find pottery, glass, toys, clothing, books, fishing items, sporting goods, tools, and whatever else I run across to sell!  lol  Eclectic should be my middle name I guess.  🙂
My web site is Deboriah.
The facebook group I am working on is :  Deboriah’s Emporium
And here is a link to my store on square market!

I am trying to build up the store on squareup and link all my items in with the items I am adding to my group.  I have so many items that this will be a big job!  I will be listing something every day so keep checking back.  If you join my group you can tell me what type of things you are looking for and I can either list what I have or watch for items that you might like.



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