Twelve unsustainable things that will soon come to a disastrous end on our planet

Twelve unsustainable things that will soon come to a disastrous end on our planet.

1) Debt-based banking and economic systems
2) Conventional agriculture and “rape the planet” farming
3) Mass-consumption economies based on buy-it-and-trash-it behavior
4) The accelerating loss of farming soils
5) The mass poisoning of the oceans and aggressive over-fishing
6) Mass genetic pollution of the planet through GMOs
7) The drugs-and-surgery conventional medical system
8) Widespread pharmaceutical contamination of the human population and the environment
9) Runaway human population growth
10) Fossil water consumption for agriculture
11) Fossil fuel consumption
12) The widespread destruction of animal habitat

Life is on the line

So those are 12 of the biggest things that are entirely unsustainable on our planet right now. Human life depends on most of them. It makes you wonder: How will humans survive when these systems and resources upon which we depend have run out or collapsed?

(I believe that our world as we know it is soon going to come to an end. Jesus is coming back very soon. Only He knows how to rule and I am so looking forward to His reign! Maranatha!)

Nice to see you!

Just thought I would pop in and give everybody a mid-week update on the happenings around here.  My recent pipe listings have been a great success and I will be listing more pipes very soon as I still have about 15 or so to sell.

Yesterday I went shopping and found some really nice shirts for men.  Mostly long sleeved and western.  Some of them are for big men 2x and such.   I will be listing those soon too although I am not sure if Ebay will be my choice for these items.  A post for will be added on my facebook profile and here so that you will know if you are interested.

Finds this week include an old hair dryer, the kind you sit under.  It is in very good vintage condition and that will be offered on ebay next week.  Pictures coming soon!  Other items to be looking for are a very old transistor radio in the original box, a flow blue plate, lots of other vintage plates,  some old dolls, and 2 Danbury Mint Shirley Temple dolls.

I truly enjoy interacting with people.  Comments are appreciated and so are tips to help me get this blog up and going.  Thanks for visiting.

Happy New Year!

Just thought I would start working on my blog again. Going to try to do a little something each day. Here is wishing everyone a wonderful New Year! Happy 2011!

Sneaky Comment Ads

You know I don’t mind someone putting a link in their name when they comment on my page.  That is fine and a great way to get traffic to your site as well.  But big casino sites and such is a different matter.  I am on to the ones that are trying to sneak spam onto my blog.  Please stop posting your comments.

On the other hand if you have a blog that you want to get seen or a bonanzle booth or squido lens etc.    Feel free to add your link to your comment. 🙂  I enjoy looking at those types of sites.  Thanks so much for your visit.

If you would like to become friends with me on facebook I use the email addy ladydeboriah at there.  Have a wonderful day!

Changes to this blog

Ok now I am going to try something new that blogger didn’t have.  You can add pages to the blog and make it more like a real website.  How cool is that!?  🙂  I am going to try it so hang in there and cross your fingers that it turns out great!  lol

My New Blog

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I am excited about this blog as it is a great improvement over my old one at and just as easy to use as far as I can tell. I like that I can categorize things so that I don’t have to have several blogs to sort my varied interests.

Please feel free to contact me or share things with me that may be of interest. I am also going to have a category to feature your blogs or online stores so send me links to look at if you want to be on this blog. Thanks and …Happy Thanksgiving!



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