Jesus is Coming Soon!

On the night of April of 2013 I was very forcefully awakened at midnight by the Holy Spirit.  I was almost screaming Jesus is coming and I am not sure how many times I said it.  The feeling I had was mostly indescribable.  First there was a flash of light and I felt like I was being lifted up and I starting crying out Jesus is coming.  I think I said it 3 times but am not sure.  (I do know that I said it with such force that my throat was and is irritated though.) My husband was jolted awake also and immediately reached and grabbed me in his arms.  He couldn’t talk for a while he was so taken aback by the whole thing. When I asked him what he was thinking he said I was just asking God to forgive me for all I have done wrong.


After that I shook for probably an hour and prayed for others as well, including people that are not really my friends.  My husband and I also talked about how horrible it would be to be left behind.  With that in mind I did finally try to go back to sleep but I couldn’t sleep much at all.  The Holy Spirit was speaking to me about scriptures I had recently read.

He revealed to me that there are a lot of people that are Christians that have not received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  When the Rapture takes place before the great tribulation …and that will be very soon….many of these people are in danger of being left behind.  The one that is restraining the anti-christ right now is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit dwells in God’s people.  When the Holy Spirit is removed from the earth the people that He dwells in will also be removed.

God is about to pour His Holy Spirit out upon His people.  By this you will know who you are.  “John 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.” Those that really want to live a Holy life before God will be filled.

Going to church alone is not what will save you but having Christ in your heart and striving to live a life that is in line with what the scripture has spoken to you. That is why the Bible says that we must “study to show ourselves approved.” If you are seeking His direction and if you can humble yourself and ask Him to work in you and to let His will be done in your life then you will be filled with His Spirit.
There are people who go to church all the time that don’t do this.  They say “I will not change for anybody.”  They are stiff necked (rebellious, obstinate) people who have set their hearts against God.  Their hearts are like the fallow ground which was once tilled but now has grown hard and nothing but weeds can grow in it. Good seeds can not take hold because it is hard and not fertile. God’s Word can not penetrate their hearts while it is in this state. It doesn’t matter what we say to them because they can not hear the Word much less understand what it means.  They are full of pride and pride comes before the fall.

Pride keeps us from hearing what God is saying. People that are full of pride are always certain that they are right and refuse to listen to anyone else including and or especially the Word of God. They get defensive when they are criticized and may feel like they are being judged even though we may just be trying to help them understand what God’s Word says. They make excuses for the way they live such as, “nobody’s perfect, I can’t walk on water, I was born that way, I came from a dysfunctional family and or I was abused as a child.”  These people will lash out and say and do hurtful things when they are presented with truth and have no desire to examine their own life (circumcise their hearts) in light of God’s Word and even though a lot of the excuses they make may be true, they refuse to accept help in any form other than doing what they want to do. They tend to pray without repenting (turning from their sins) and therefore repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  This can happen to anybody when they harden their hearts thinking that they know it all and sometimes we don’t realize it until it is too late!

( I see myself in everything I just typed at one time or another in my life.)

Lord have mercy on me a sinner and help me to be teachable. Help me to be repentant daily in my walk with you. Lord you are the Potter and I am the clay!





September 2022
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