CharmChatter.  If you love charms you will love this site.  Go check her out!  She has a bonanzle booth also.  The link to it is on her site.  🙂

Chatting’s booth – Chatting’s Bonanzle booth – Bailey

This is a great resource for bonanzlers.  With lots of tips and hints on how to do things that you may not know about on Bonanzle.

Sign up for Bonanzle here!

bonanzle_logo_green1Click on the logo above to sign up with Bonanzle today.  Free to list and small fees for selling. Chat with buyers and sellers in real time at the top of the sellers page.  One click import of Ebay or Craigslist items.  Very friendly and helpful community!  Come join us.

Here is a link to the Tickle Me Tuesday Forum!

I am participating in TMT and offering 20 percent off. Here is the code to use when checking out. dec0820

This will give you 20 percent off on anything in the booth. If you are ordering jewelry items you will get free shipping if you wait for an updated invoice. Also please wait for an invoice if you are outside the USA or if you are buying more than one item. There is an automatic 50% off of shipping on any additional items you add to y our cart after the one that has the highest shipping rate…if that is enough for you go ahead and check out. Otherwise just wait for an updated invoice and I may be able to get your shipping down a lot more. Thanks!

The Official Bonanzle Blog

Ok this will help a lot. I know they post all the updates here as well. Lots of new stuff being done every day.

Bonanzle all the way

via Bonanzle all the way

This is a blog by one of my fellow Bonanzlers.   You will find a link to her booth on the blog along with news tidbits about Bonanzle that she is sharing with everyone.  Thanks Eve!



September 2022
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