Deboriah’s Eclectic Emporium on Etsy

Come check out my Etsy Booth!  I am adding items to it on a regular basis now.
Soon I will adding Christmas ornaments and more hand jewelry all all types new,
old, and handmade as well.  I am even going to be listing supplies for artists
of all types like old book pages, dictionary pages, ephemera,,beads,
findings, found objects, game pieces and boards and whatever else
I can find. I already have some beads listed and more to come.
You never know what you might find there!

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Deboriah’s Emporium

I just started a group for my sales on Facebook.  Having so much fun getting it set up.  I think it will be a great way to communicate with my customers and have fun while doing my job.  I sell all types of merchandise including items that I make myself.  I make jewelry, altered bottles, decoupaged and collaged items, and am dabbling in mixed media art.  So much fun but not enough time in the day for it all!
I tend to collect a lot of jewelry so that is one of the items I sell most.  You will find pottery, glass, toys, clothing, books, fishing items, sporting goods, tools, and whatever else I run across to sell!  lol  Eclectic should be my middle name I guess.  🙂
My web site is Deboriah.
The facebook group I am working on is :  Deboriah’s Emporium
And here is a link to my store on square market!

I am trying to build up the store on squareup and link all my items in with the items I am adding to my group.  I have so many items that this will be a big job!  I will be listing something every day so keep checking back.  If you join my group you can tell me what type of things you are looking for and I can either list what I have or watch for items that you might like.

Kristal Wick’s Picks – Top 5 Beadalicious Goodies – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily

Kristal Wick’s Picks – Top 5 Beadalicious Goodies – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily.

Most people that know me know that I have a bead fetish. lol I love beads and tend to collect them.  I make jewelry but some of the beads I have are being saved for something extra special.  Not sure that that will be but when the time comes I will know.

My love of beading has led me to find all sorts of things on the internet about beads and jewelry in general.  I am always finding new resources and others that have like interests.  This link is to a blog that I follow which will uncover a treasure trove of other resources for you.

Gallery of Trade Beads African Slave Beads African Currency

People that know me will confirm that  I am a bead-aholic.  I have some trade beads and was trying to find out more about them.  I found this site and it is really cool.  So go check out the bead gallery!



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