Having fun watching crafting videos online.  Found this site.  🙂



How to Make Artist Trading Cards: 11 steps (with video) – wikiHow






How to Make Artist Trading Cards: 11 steps (with video) – wikiHow.



This place has a wonderful selection of links for all types of jewelry making techniques.  It will take me a while to look at these.

Chatting’s booth – Chatting’s Bonanzle booth – Bailey

This is a great resource for bonanzlers.  With lots of tips and hints on how to do things that you may not know about on Bonanzle.

Another altered art site

What Is Altered Art? History And Definition Compared And Related To Other Artistic Forms. What Is An Altered Book? Examples. Recycled Art Collage Decoupage Mixed Media Decollage Assemblage ATC Artist Trading Cards.

Altered art questions? Find all the answers at

While talking a friend of mine from Bonanzle she brought up the subject of altered art.  The question what exactly is altered art came up and I started looking for the answer and found this web site.  Very interesting stuff here.  I thought maybe I could share this with my readers.

Altered art questions? Find all the answers at

You can learn things about altered art here and how to make some things as well.  I hope you enjoy it.  🙂

Forum post on bonanzle for newbies

This is the original link so if he adds something you might find the new stuff here:

Lots of great info to help new people on bonanzle .  The post was made by rocknrandy one of our fine upstanding Bonanzle citizens.  Why not just click on his name to visit his booth and check out what he has to offer.  He might have something you can’t live without and if he doesn’t I bet a hello or a tag would be warmly welcomed! 🙂

This is his post:

I would like to share a few links that I think could help somebody to promote their booth and some links on a few other sites that may be worth checking out.

*These could help boost your sales.

*This is one for keywords and to be honest, Im not sure about how good it is.
But I would check it out for myself,I just havent had time to do much with it yet.

*Just a few good place to learn some HTML….

*You are really going to like this!

This link connects all the Threads posted by Tom

Bonanzle Lesson 101.…

*Here is a link about How to take great auction photos.……

*HERE’s How to Create & Print LABELS & STICKERS– Step by Step!




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