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This page is for links of all sorts. From pages that I enjoyed visiting, references, studies, shopping, friends websites and more. Feel free to browse the links and visit some of my favorite places. If you find a link that is no good I would appreciate feedback so I can remove it. Thank you so much for visiting.

Glass and Pottery Helps:

This website has a lot of information on Glass and pottery. Wonderful resouce for those of us that sometimes need help with research and help in what to say about our item when listing it.

Glass and Pottery Sellers Ass.

And here are a couple of the links that are also within their site.

How to accurately describe condition

How to photograph glass

Packing Tips

There is much more to see on this site including frequently asked questions about glass and also about pottery. Nice site to read and very educational. Thanks to Sharon at EclecticAve_ on Bonanzle for her post on the Bonanzle network.

Jewelry Shopping and Reference:

Rhinestones Past Vintage Jewelry Blog

Silver Helps:

Book Helps:

Ephemera Helps:

Photography Tricks, Tips, Tutorials, etc:

CameraJims Guide to eBay Auction Photography

Jim’s Guide has a lot of great ideas and pointers on taking photos. A good photo goes a long way when trying to sell on the internet. I hope mine will get better over time. Using resources like this and making small changes here and there can’t hurt! Hope this helps someone out there.
Strobist: How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

I have noticed that a lot of us have trouble with our photography. I am by no means an expert and haven’t been using the resources I have at my disposal like I should but…this is a great idea and it works. Now if you have cats I would suggest setting it up in a room they don’t go in. 🙂 Experience on this one just take my word for it! lol

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